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Style is a Filter: Fashion’s Law of Attraction

Posted on July 14 2020

True alignment to our authentic style enables us to attract the right people into our lives. Our outer appearance has the ability to communicate our inner vision to the world. 

I can recall several instances where my style has attracted the right people into my life. When I was studying Fashion Marketing at university in London, one of my now dear and close friends approached me, as a stranger. She complimented me on my bright cherry red 60s waxed leather trench coat I had come across on a vintage hunt in San Francisco. I today still think about how this is the outfit that sparked our friendship. This friend is instilled in me the idea of moving to Berlin. Today, our journeys are helping and inspiring one another. Had one morning’s dressing decision been different, I may not have ended up in Berlin. 

Another instance: I went to a FIDLAR gig- a punk band I grew up listening to in Orange County, California. I attended alone, as I was still in the process of making friends in a new city. A girl after the show caught my attention as I walked past. I was wearing a pair of 70s comic-style cowgirl print high waisted trousers. She commented on how cool they were. Again, a conversation piece sparked yet another friendship. 

Under the stars, we ventured to a lake in North Berlin, where we met up with some of her friends. We talked about our dreams and the culture of Berlin. Eventually, we got on to the topic of how long I would be in the city. I was thinking of leaving the city back for the states at the end of my 3 month Schengen Visa stay. My new friend questioning me and working through my ideas with an open mind, she helped me reach the conclusion I hadn’t wanted to leave so soon after all. 

As I returned home from a long night of hanging out with a new friend on a summer night in Berlin, I couldn’t help but to think what would be the case if I played it safe, wearing a toned down, more neutral option for my bottoms that wouldn’t turn the heads of many on the U-Bahn. 

Both of these instances reflect how style can attract authentically aligned experiences. A friendship built out of an initial compliment inherently communicates “I see you for who you are and you caught my eye because I understand your vision.”

The next time you feel called to spark a conversation over someone’s statement piece or outfit composition, I urge you to power through any uncertainty to do it. It may just be a conversation that changes your life’s course or sparks a new friendship. At the least, it will make that person’s day.